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Holiday Rentals Famille Tedeschi

« San Ciprianu Marine Village Resort »

in Lecci de Porto Vecchio in southeastern Corsica

House with garden on the shore of the salt water lake 

Beach 100 meters

Mooring possibility for small-draft boats (zodiac type),

jet-ski, canoe, sailboard or anything which floats,

Seasonal family resort enjoying a gently sloping beach Shopping facilities

Water sports

Beach restaurants

Boat, bike rentals

One-off events are organised by the Town Hall of Lecci-off events are organised by the Town Hall of Lecci 


It is a privileged place.

 The beach and the shops are in walking distance

with regards to the peacefulnees of all, the respect of the nature and the environment, not exceed 3 knots

baie de San Ciprianu étangs d'arrasu et îles San Ciprianu et îlot Cornuta

Site inscrit à l'Inventaire national du patrimoine naturel

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